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Preparing for Maintenance of Hardwood Floors in San Jose

Preparing for maintenance of hardwood floors San Jose residents can proudly display to friends and family takes some work. Whether it be removing the carpet and restoring the floor boards underneath or adding new wood, this process requires careful planning and step-by-step preparation.

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Restoring the Wood under the Carpet

The distressed look of older wood can result in an attractive room display in any home. Therefore, many people prefer that professional construction workers rip out the unsightly carpet currently hiding a potentially beautiful wood surface. Restoration of the material might take a bit of work, but it's often possible. 

Steps to Hardwood Floor Restoration

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After taking out the carpet, solid wood can be brought back to life using some practical restoration steps. Before the renovation process starts, it requires some preparation of the surface. A professional janitor can do this. Otherwise, the homeowner can do it.

1.Assess condition of the wood. Look for signs of moisture, rotting, mold and blemishes. If any, then those areas might need extra attention. In the worst-case scenario, the whole floor needs to be replaced. However, usually individual sections can be replaced by adding new boards. I's also important to test the area underneath the wood.

2.Clean the floor. If it’s not treated wood, cleaning the floor requires the use of only a damp mop and a little oil soap. Be careful not to saturate it with water, because this could aggravate the rotting process. It could also cause mold buildup if the water seeps into the wood and below the surface. If the wood has a protective, glossy coating, you will be able to clean it with a bit more water. In any case, do not use harsh chemicals that could strip the wood or the coating.

3.Dust the room well. A vacuum hose or hardwood floor upright vacuum cleaner would work great for this task. It's important that all the dust and debris are removed from the surface. It makes the next few renovation steps easier.

4.Replace damaged boards. The professional contractor usually does this. However, if a homeowner has some skills, this person can also do this fix-it project. It usually just requires finding boards that coordinate well with the rest of the floor. However, it also requires knowing how to fasten them so they don't move. Usually glue or nails does the job. If the entire floor looks unappealing, it might require complete replacement.

5.Sand the surface. This stage provides an opportunity for a person who wants the floor renovated to have some creativity. Rougher sanding can provide a more textured finish, while using a fine sanding grain results in a smoother look.

6.Apply the finish (or paint). Now, it's time to add the glossy finish or paint it a color that coordinates with the walls. Either way, using the proper treatment will preserve the life of the floor. Furthermore, it results in a more refined, professional appearance. Usually clear varnish looks attractive on any color, whether it is natural or painted wood.

hardwood floors san jose

When a homeowner prepares for the requirements of renovating hardwood floors, San Jose builders can do the job right. Then, the people who live in the house, the contractors who repaired the wood, and loved ones of the residents all can appreciate the look of a newly-revived floor.

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