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hardwood floors san joseMany people prefer to have hardwood floors in their home because they last for a long time, are easy to clean, and don’t require much maintenance. Those who are thinking about getting hardwood floors san jose need to know how the installation process is complete so they are aware of what to expect if they choose to buy them. The process for installing these boards is not complicated or difficult - it’s just something that a homeowner should be aware of. Picking Out the Right Slats When choosing hardwood floors for a home, the homeowner and possibly an interior designer are going to locate the right color for the home.

hardwood floors san joseThis will involve taking into consideration all of the other colors present in the home, from the ceiling to the walls. The overall atmosphere of the home will need to be taken into consideration as well; a modern home is not going to look as good with light floorboards in it. Those who are unaware of what is going to fit best with their home should definitely consult with an interior design specialist, or even with the company that they are thinking about buying the hardwood floors from. Letting Them Adjust to the Humidity The next step in the hardwood floor installation process is to let the slats adjust to the humidity of the room they are going to be in. The correct number of slats for a particular room is going to be placed in there so they can absorb the moisture in the air.

hardwood floors san jose If the slats are immediately installed, there’s a very good chance they will absorb moisture in a few days and begin to expand, causing them to pop off of the floor. This could damage the slats, which is why this process is required before the wooden slats get put down. It usually only takes 3-5 days at most, so it’s not very time consuming. Putting the Wooden Slats Down After the wooden floorboards are correctly adjusted to the humidity, they will be installed. This process is usually quick and easy because the slats are designed to fit into one another, making an installation job simple and quick. It should be done by a professional just to ensure they are laid correctly, but the entire process should only take about a week, depending on the size of the home and how much of it is being covered with the wood.

hardwood floors san joseAll in all, installing hardwood floors in San Jose is not something that’s complex or difficult to do. The most important part of the installation process is to allow the boards to adjust to the moisture in the room they are going in. Other than that, picking out the right style of hardwood for a home is going to be the only thing a homeowner needs to worry about. A minor floor preparation process is also involved, but the professionals will take care of this. Once they are installed, a homeowner will be able to enjoy a beautiful home with high-quality floors that are going to last.

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