Hardwood Floors San Jose - Hardwood Floors in San Jose: Types of Stains on Wooden Flooring and Their Removal
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hardwood floors san joseStain removal is an inevitable part of maintaining hardwood floors San Jose.  The successful removal will depend on the type of stain and how deep it is. Knowing how to deal with each type of stain will ease the process and make the results worth waiting for. When it comes to stain removal, the first step should be sweeping. Clearing dirt and debris from the stained area will make it easy for one to examine the stain to determine the best way of eliminating it.

Types of Stains and How to Remove Them

Water Stains
These are the most common. Water stains can present itself as a white discoloration on hardwood floors in San Jose. This stain is easy to remove as it’s either in the finish or on the waxy surface area of the floor. It will most likely disappear on its own after two days. If it doesn’t clear, a fine steel wool pad soaked in lemon oil should be rubbed on the white ring for a few seconds. If after this process, the stain is still resistant, one can remove it using a piece of cloth with mineral spirits.

hardwood floors san joseWhere water has penetrated into the finish of the floor, black rings will form on the floor surface. These can be removed by dipping a brush into bleach and rubbing it onto the stain. One should repeat this after several hours.

Chewing Gum Stain
Cooling the gum with an ice filled plastic bag will make it brittle enough to crumble. A plastic scraper will then help to remove it. 

Pet Urine Stains
Hot water and scoring powder wrung into a piece of clean cloth should be able to clear out this stain. If the pet urine stain is stubborn, the best way to eliminate it is by using liquid bleach mixed with hot water to the ratio of 1:10.

Grease, Iodine and Blood Stains
Removing these three types of stains requires one to use an ammonia solution. To create the solution, one should add ammonia to cold water then dip a rug to the resulting solution. Rubbing the rug over the stained surface will remove iodine, grease or blood stains.  Finally, one should use a dry rug to wipe off the excess ammonia.

Crayon and Candle Wax Stains
To remove these stains, one should place a brown paper bag over the crayon or wax, and then iron it until it absorbs the stain from the wooden floor.
Alcoholic hardwood floors santa cruzBeverages, Fruit Juice, Food and Ink Stains
A commercial wood floor cleaner would be best to remove these stains. But a strong detergent mixed with warm water can be used in the absence of the cleaner. If the warm water doesn’t remove the stain fully, one should rub around the stained surface with white vinegar mixed with cold water. Lastly, a dry piece of cloth should clean out the vinegar.  

Paint Stain
If wiped, the paint stain will spread. However, using a scraper should work perfectly.

Nail Polish Stain
One should rub the stained areas using a soft cloth dipped in dish detergent mixed with warm water 

Mold and Mildew Stains
A cleaner designed for hardwood floor finishes should effectively remove these stains. For those stains that located beneath the surface, sanding and refinishing should work.
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