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Decorating Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors make great options for homeowners looking for attractive, easy to clean, resilient flooring for their San Jose home. The beauty of hardwood floors bring out the hardwood floors san francisco best in a home, giving it that unique look that homeowners love.


Hardwood floors San Jose come in dark and light hues to complement home style and design. When selecting floor types and colors, homeowners should consider such factors as current furnishings, foot traffic, room size and brightness as well as floor maintenance. Knowing how to decorate with hardwood floors can help people choose the right floor color and design. People can select a floor to complement current décor or redecorate around their new hardwood floor to give their environment a fresh start. The following tips can be useful in helping homeowners create the look they desire.


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Hardwood Floors: Dark Hues

White walls and light colored furniture, rugs and accessories bring out the beauty of dark walnut and mahogany hardwood floors, creating a classy living room or bedroom setting. Rich colored fabrics and wall hangings on light colored walls can also be appealing when combined with the dark flooring.

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Dark hardwood floors can be quite practical in rooms that receive a lot of traffic as they are good in hiding dust, dirt and grime. Such flooring also absorbs light easily without fading, which means they will retain their attractive appearance longer. On the flip side, dark hardwood flooring tends to reveal scratches and scuff marks more easily, making it necessary for homeowners to treat their floors with care.


Hardwood Floors: Light Hues

There are various advantages to selecting light colored hardwood flooring for a home. Light colored floors brighten a room, giving it a more spacious, “airy” appearance, enhancing visual appeal. Hardwoods such as yellow birch, maple woods and white oak are more resilient to scuffs and scratches, making them good choices for rooms that receive a lot of traffic, i.e. kids play rooms, dens, home gyms, etc.

Many homeowners prefer light colored flooring as they can incorporate more color in surrounding décor to include walls, furnishings and accessories.If refinement is what a homeowner is after, dark hardwood floors are more likely to fit the bill when combined with light colored couches, tables, drapes, etc. Homeowners who If refinement is what a homeowner is after, dark hardwood floors are more likely to fit the bill when combined with light colored couches, tables, drapes, etc. 

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Homeowners who prefer a more contemporary, casual look would do well to choose light colored hardwoods to give them the comfortable and relaxing setting they desire.


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