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hardwood floors san jose

Hardwood floors San Jose have been a popular design option for years. Wood floors have a classic style that works with most decors, provide a comfortable walking and standing surface, and may even help provide natural insulation for a home. However, hardwood might cost $12 to $20 a square foot, making it a luxury option.

Softwoods: An Affordable and Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Softwoods, commonly pine, provide many of the same advantages of hardwoods. However, they tend to come from faster growing and more sustainable forests. This makes softwood flooring a cheaper and more eco-friendly choice. Also, softwoods have a bit more give, so they may provide a more comfortable surface for walking, standing, and playing.

Are Softwoods Durable Enough for Flooring?
hardwood floors san jose

Is softwood as durable as hardwood? The one thing that keeps people from choosing softwood floors is a concern over durability. It is true that softwoods may be less durable than hardwoods in their natural state. If they are easier to cut and less dense, it might be reasonable to assume that they are also easier to damage. But is this a concern for people who are considering a material for flooring?

Actually, the way that wood gets finished may indicate its durability better than the exact kind of wood. Special types of plastics can create a practically invincible barrier against most common hazards, and homeowners aren't likely to notice that big of a difference in the durability of softwood or hardwood floors that have been properly finished.

hardwood floors san jose

Of course, some homeowners prefer the distressed look of old wooden floors. They actually scratch and scrape hardwood on purpose to create an antique look before covering it with a finish. Of course, if these people decide they'd rather have a more pristine appearance later, they can always sand the floor down and refinish it.

Softwood Floors are Cheaper to Buy and Install

hardwood floors san jose

Softwoods are also a bit easier to work with and install than hardwoods. That might be a consideration for a homeowner who wants to do the job himself. Even if contractors get hired, the installation should go faster and be cheaper. When consumers know they have the chance to buy cheaper, more sustainable, and more comfortable flooring, softwood may become a more popular option.

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