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hardwood floors san joseChoosing the right type of hardwood floor can be difficult, especially since it has to match with the overall look of a home. Also, hardwood flooring can drastically range in price, which can make choosing a model a little intimidating. Luckily, there are may contractors who will offer their clients help on this matter, and even make some recommendations. However, some clients prefer to take their time when choosing their hardwood flooring and so refrain from contacting their flooring specialist in San Jose, until they have made their choice.

The Wood Species

hardwood floors san joseThere are many different types of wood species to choose from, all of which have different properties, colors, patterns, prices, and durabilities. In order to make the best choice possible, it is important to have an estimated budget in mind.

Choosing the Color of the Wood

When choosing the color of the hardwood, one must consider how it is going to transform their home. Using hardwoods that have a specific color like red, mahogany, light brown, or dark brown, can make a home’s interior look like it needs to be repainted. In order to avoid this, choose a hardwood color that complements the already existing colors of a home — unless those are going to be changed as well.

Floor Hardness

hardwood floors san joseWhile choosing a more supple wood will help save on money, it might end up needing to get repaired in the future. Depending on how much traffic the remodeled room is going to be receiving, the required floor hardness might vary. Should a homeowner be renovating their living room and have children and animals, choosing a harder flooring is advised. However, there are some types of hardwoods that can easily get scratched, which is why choosing dark hardwood isn’t always a good idea.

Hardwood Maintenance

In order to keep hardwood floors san jose looking shiny and new for a long number of years, proper maintenance is needed. Knowing how to care for different types of hardwood is something that a homeowner should look into before choosing a model. Some types of woods require more maintenance than others, which can be seen as a hassle.

hardwood floors san joseIn some cases, purchasing wood from a store and then hiring a contractor to install it can end up saving homeowners a lot of money. Since hardwood flooring companies tend to sell wood at a higher price than distributors, purchasing wood elsewhere can be cost-efficient. However, some people don’t wish to do this because it is a more time-consuming option.

Once a homeowner knows exactly what type of hardware floors they are looking for, they can call a flooring company in San Jose to receive a quote and set up an appointment with a contractor.

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