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Tamworth estate agency

Even with the best of care, most hardwood floors San Jose will need to be refinished at some point. This is because the finish on a floor slowly wears off with normal foot traffic. Steps can be taken to prolong the finish, but eventually, the time will come to put a new one on. Professional floor refinishers have the machines needed to get the job done fairly quickly, but more importantly, they already have the technique needed to use those machines well. They also have systems that can help to control the dust that would normally result from the removal of the old finish. Therefore, it's a good idea to hire pros to do this job. Tamworth estate agency

The first thing refinishers need to do is remove the old finish. At the same time, they need to get rid of any scratches the floor has sustained. Both of these objectives are accomplished in a rather straightforward manner: by sanding a layer off of the floor. Because of the dust this can produce, the customer should remove all wall hangings and window coverings before the work begins. Once the bare floor is exposed and all of the sanding dust has been cleaned away, it'll be time to lay down the new finish. This will involve either water-based or oil-based polyurethane. Depending on the type of wood and the effect desired, the polyurethane may be clear or it can include a stain. Tamworth estate agency

How long the work takes depends on the size of the floor, but three to five days is average. The floor, however, won't be ready to be returned to full usage at this point. Furniture should be kept off of it for between 48 and 72 hours, and it should remain free of area rugs for between 10 days and three weeks. The resting period depends on the type of finish used. Water-based polyurethane allows for a faster curing time, while the longer durations are needed for the oil-based versions. After everything is done and sufficient curing has taken place, the floor can be used as usual. To prevent scratching the new finish, felt should be used on all furniture legs. It's also important to avoid walking on the floor with hard-soled shoes, high heels, or other damaging footwear. Of course, the floor should only be cleaned with dry methods. These precautions will prolong the lifespan of the new finish and keep the floor looking great.

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